Intersecting the sacred with the practical.

Let’s create opportunities for your audience to experience soulful ah-ha moments, moving personal insights, and clarity about who they are and where they’re going. Combining sacred teachings and universal truths with real-life coaching around patterns and choices empowers people to change their lives.

“Katie’s ability to walk any audience through deep, stirring, and powerful content is profound. She delivers candor and truth with compassion, delves into the magical and mystical with down-to-earth accessibility, and ushers in bone-deep ah-ha moments with remarkable clarity.”

– J.G.

We hired Katie Benway to speak at the North Central Healing Touch Community annual conference. Her messages of empowerment and inner alignment struck a huge chord with our members. We had so much positive feedback about her sessions with our group. We received many comments afterward that people wanted to spend more time with her! I would highly recommend Katie Benway as a speaker to anyone who is looking to deliver a profound experience to their attendees.”

-Jacquelyn Fletcher Johnson, President Emeritus, North Central Healing Touch Community

Create space for your audience members to experience moving ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Find new inner sources of clarity, choice, and vision with talks that intersect the sacred with the practical.

“A skilled public speaker, presenter, and teacher, Katie speaks with clarity, honesty, empathy, and a sense of humor.” – T. G.

For over 15 years, I’ve spoken in professional, academic, formal, informal, and spiritual settings to a variety of audiences, including hands-on healers and energy workers, business professionals, hospice workers and therapists, higher education professionals, students, parents, and women’s groups.

Talks include…
Let’s develop a talk custom-tailored to your audience.

“I wanted to personally thank you again for the session you gave at the NHWEL conference. I know it sounds crazy, but I have thought about you and your message every day since. I can’t wait to see and hear more of you! I know you have so much to offer, and I think I could listen to your motivational guidance for hours.”

– K.D.

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